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Treatments Lynda offers:

Registered Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage Therapy (add $15 +HST)

Price List: Add HST

30 minutes...$57

45 minutes...$72

60 minutes...$90

75 minutes...$110

90 minutes...$130

Pricing will change October 1st 2023

Preferred Payment Options:

Debit, Cash, Cheque, E-transfer (sent to in advance or upon your arrival)

Gift Certificates:

Are available in any dollar amount or for a specific treatment. Insurance receipts are not issued for gift certificates. Please contact us ahead so we can arrange a payment/pick up time (we do not have a receptionist onsite, our door is locked between appointments, no walk in). You can pay in advance via e-transfer to the clinic or your RMT directly and pick up gift certificate from our mailbox at your convenience

Cancellation & No Show Policy:

Your appointment is reserved ONLY for you. We ask that you keep your promise to us and show up for your appointment on time. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment as a courtesy to your RMT and fellow patients who are on the wait list. If you do not meet this requirement you will be responsible to pay for the full amount of the time you requested your RMT be available for you. 

We recognize that no one is perfect and there are circumstances that are out of your control (sudden illness, family emergencies, etc.) so your therapist may make an exception to the above policies on those rare occasions on a case by case basis.

Late Arrival:

Your treatment time has been saved just for you. If you arrive late you will be treated for the remaining time left. We have precise start/stop times. The full fee of the originally requested session will be charged.

Insurance Billing:

Direct billing to your insurance company is available to many companies, please inquire in advance of your appointment day

*Please Note: Some plans require a medical prescription and/or permission for us to direct billing. If you have any questions about your plan please contact your insurance provider from more information prior to your appointment.

Arrival Time:

Prior to Covid-19 we would have asked you to arrive early on your first visit as there is additional paperwork to fill out. Since things have changed at our clinic due to Covid-19, we are asking that you arrive for your appointment on time to avoid crossing paths with other clients. I can send you a Health History in advance via email to fill out and bring with you.

If you have been in a MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) please notify us prior to booking your treatment. We are not a registered HCAI Clinic and will refer you out to another clinic that is.

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