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Lynda Chatelaine Stouck, RMT

Direct Contact (Is best)

Text: 905 325 6413

Location: In Balance Massage Therapy

Address: 27 Secord Drive, St. Catharines, ON L2N 1K9


CURRENT/ACTIVE CLIENTS: This is page is set up for you!  My schedule is fully booked at certain times and days which is why you may not see appointments listed after 4pm. I will not be offering online booking, ever lol

I am generally available: Monday - Thursday 10am - 5pm and Fridays 10am - 2pm

If you are able to come in during the day I would appreciate it :) I am seeing a limited number of patients per day. Appointments after 5pm no longer available. I will gladly give you a referral, please let me know if you need an appointment after 5pm

You may contact me 24/7 via text message or email, even if you do not see an exact time that you need. My ringer is almost always off, so even if it is late or super early, send me a message so you don't forget. Things change and are not always reflected here immediately. Patients on the wait list get priority if/when there is a cancellation

INACTIVE CLIENTS:  If you have been a client of mine in the past (10+ months ago or longer was your last treatment), please message me for a quick interview to see if I am able to accommodate your appointment requests. Available times would be between 10am - 3pm.

NEW CLIENTS: I am not  able to take New Clients at this time, but I have co-workers that are available so contact me anyways.


Prior to each appointment I will send you a WELLNESS CHECK to ensure you are not unwell (incl cold or flu)

- Arrive on time (not too early) for your appointment (door will remain locked between appointments, walk-ins are not permitted). During the winter please be prepared to remove your footwear

- We will continue to space appointments apart, maintain a clean treatment room and clinic space,  clean the washroom throughout the day 

- Please note: Because this treatment involves close physical proximity over an extended period of time in a closed space, there may be an elevated risk of disease transmission, including COVID-19. ​ 

- If after you book an appointment you may have come in contact with any one who has COVID-19 (or even if you suspect they have it), or you experience symptoms, please let me know as we will be rescheduling your appointment. 


Insurance billing is available with advance notice


Appointments in 2023... Please contact me if you are looking to be in rotation (example: regular monthly appointments).

Now booking January - March 2023

Appointment list updated: Friday Jan 27th at 3:44pm

January 2023    

After 3pm WAITLIST: Text me to be added to the wait list. What time is the earliest you can be here? 


Monday, January 30th: 2:30pm

Tuesday, January 31st: full


After 3pm WAITLIST: Text me to be added to the wait list. What time is the earliest you can be here? 


Thursday, February 2nd: full

Friday, February 3rd: full

Monday, February 6th: 10, 11:15

Tuesday, February 7th: full

Wednesday, February 8th: 10:15, 11:30

Thursday, February 9th: 11:30

Friday, February 10th: 11:20 or 1

Monday, February 13th: 2:10, 3:30

Tuesday, February 14th: 2:45, 4

Wednesday, February 15th: 10:15, 1:15, 2:30/2:40, 4

Thursday, February 16th: 10:00, 2:30

Friday, February 17th: 10, 11:20, 12:40

Monday, February 20th: OFF/Family Day

Tuesday, February 21st: full

Wednesday, February 22nd: 11:20 or 12:50, 3:15 (30 mins)

Thursday, February 23rd: 10:10, 11:30

Friday, February 24th: full

Monday, February 27th: 10:15 or 11:30, 2:30

Tuesday, February 28th: 10:15

March 2023   text me direct to book

Wednesday, March 1st: full

Thursday, March 2nd: 10:15, 11:30

Friday, March 3rd: 10:10, 12:50

Monday, March 6th:  10, 11:20

Tuesday, March 7th: 10am

Wednesday, March 8th: 10;15am

Thursday, March 9th:10:10, 11:30, 2:30, 3:45

Friday, March 10th: 10, 11:20

Monday, March 13th: 

Tuesday, March 14th: 

Wednesday, March 15th: 

Thursday, March 16th:

Friday, March 17th:

Monday, March 20th: 

Tuesday, March 21st: 

Wednesday, March 22nd: 

Thursday, March 23rd:

Friday, March 24th:

Monday, March 27th: 

Tuesday, March 28th: 

Wednesday, March 29th: 

Thursday, March 30th:

Friday, March 31st:

*24 hour cancellation policy applies to any appointment booked*

Contact Lynda directly to book your appointment. 

Text is Best! 905 325 6413  (24/7)

* 24 hours notice is required to

cancel or change your appointment *

There is a fee for a late cancellation/no-shows, which will be invoiced to you (not your insurance company/benefits). Unpaid balances will result in cancellation of any future appointments.

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