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Dear Valued Clients of Lynda Chatelaine Stouck, RMT,

With the start of Ontario's Stay-at-Home order, I have had a number of clients ask: "Are you still open?" The short answer is, "yes", as we are deemed an Essential Service as are all regulated Health Care Providers.


“RMTs should only be providing in-person treatment when the anticipated benefits of treatment outweigh the risks to the client and the RMT.”

We are here to support and unburden the already taxed health care system. Ontarians should be staying at home with the exception of essential trips like picking up groceries or going to medical appointments. The Ontario government is not recommending intra-provincial travel at this time. To help guide you in the coming weeks, I have prepared the following information for my clients to help you make an informed decision about your care and personal risk assessment.

When is Massage Therapy Essential?

Ask yourself these questions:

• Will my condition worsen without treatment? e.g. acute pain/injury, chronic unstable health condition, physical symptoms associated with mental health/stress/anxiety, etc.

• Am I likely to suffer acute, severe or imminent harm if treatment is delayed? e.g. unstable chronic condition, new symptoms requiring physical examination, etc.

• Am I at high risk to experience severe outcomes if I contract COVID-19? e.g. asthmatic, diabetes, immune compromised, over aged 65, etc

Massage Therapy also has three of the five key factors associated with transmission of COVID-19:

• Close Contact

• Closed Spaces

• Prolonged Exposure

The other two factors are: Forceful Exhalation and Crowded Places.

We continue to implement all of our infection prevention and control guidelines to keep our clinic space as safe as we can and minimize any risk of transmission.


If you are a current client of mine in need of an essential treatment please do not hesitate to contact me 24/7 via text message or email, even if you do not see an exact time that you need.


(Listed here for Monday through Friday, 10am - 5pm. Text me if you need something not listed)

Monday, January 18th --> Full

Tuesday, January 19th --> Full

Wednesday, January 20th --> Full

Thursday, January 21st --> 2:20

Friday, January 22nd --> 10am

Monday, January 25th --> 10, 12:50

Tuesday, January 26th --> 11:30, 2:40

Wednesday, January 27th --> 10:20, 11:40, 1:20pm

Thursday, January 28th --> 11:20, 1 or 1:20, 2:40

Friday, January 29th --> 9:45, 11:10, 12:30, 1:55


Monday, February 1st --> 11:20, 12:40, 2:45

Tuesday, February 2nd --> 10:20, 1pm

Wednesday, February 3rd --> 11:20

Thursday, February 4th --> 10, 12:50, 2:30/2:40

Friday, February 5th --> 10, 11:20

Monday, February 8th --> 10, 11:20, 12:50, 2:45

Tuesday, February 9th --> 10:10, 11:30, 12:50, 2:30

Wednesday, February 10th --> 10, 11:20, 12:40, 2:10, 3:30

Thursday, February 11th --> 10, 11:20, 12:50, 2:40, 4

Friday, February 12th --> 10, 11:20, 2:30

Monday, February 15th --> Family Day/ OFF TODAY

Tuesday, February 16th --> 2:30

Wednesday, February 17th --> 10, 11:20, 12:40, 2:10, 3:30

Thursday, February 18th --> 10, 12:50, 2:10, 3:30

Friday, February 19th --> 11:20, 1, 2:30

Monday, February 22nd --> 11:20, 12:50, 2

This is page is set up so you can LOOK at some of the appointment times I have available for you, then CONTACT ME to BOOK.  I will not be offering online booking

Direct Contact (Is best)

905 325 6413

Location: In Balance Massage Therapy

Address: 27 Secord Drive, St. Catharines, ON L2N 1K9

Clinic phone: 905 646 4268

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Contact Lynda directly to book your appointment. 

Text is Best! 905 325 6413  (24/7)

* 24 hours notice is required to

cancel or change your appointment *

There is a fee for a late cancellation/no-shows

WAIT LIST: If you need a time that is no longer posted (please note that afternoon and evening appointments are the most popular and are often booked months in advance), please contact Lynda directly to let her know you are interested in being on the WAIT LIST. Clients on the WAIT LIST will be contacted FIRST when a cancellation occurs. Many regular clients book a few appointments in advance, this option is available to you as well. Often when Lynda gets a cancellation it is not reflected here, so always ask, you never know!

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