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**** UPDATE****


Dear Clients of Lynda Chatelaine Stouck, RMT

It has been far too long since I have seen you, but the time is drawing closer!

As of May 27th, RMTs are officially allowed to begin the process of opening.  We must have all of the requirements in place which have been set out by our College (CMTO) and we may only take emergency/essential clients to start. Treatment is considered essential when: the client’s overall health or function would considerably decline if treatment were not provided (i.e. lead to hospitalization or other serious health consequences).

We have just begun to receive direction on practices and procedure guidelines that will need to be put in place before I can open safely. These include, but are not limited to, the pre-screening of clients when booking and before every treatment, increased frequency of handwashing & cleaning practices, increased signage, documentation and record keeping of practices,  the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks for myself and clients who wish to enter the clinic and additional health & safety training.

This is breaking news as of May 27th, and caught all RMTs by surprise as our College has been massively lacking in communication.

Given these strict guidelines and all the requirements that have to be put in place, I am beginning to prepare for a slow opening starting the week of June 15th for urgent/emergency appointments and to reschedule those who had appointments that were cancelled March - May.  We will officially open the clinic up on July 2nd. 

Please remain patient as implementation of these guidelines and the obtaining of sufficient PPE due to shortages can be a lengthy process. As I have stated before the health & safety of myself, my husband and family and all of my clients is my top priority. I will only return to practice when I feel it safe to do so and will keep everyone posted

All of that to say, I wanted to update you all, let you know that we are getting closer, and that I will be communicating with you as things change and hopefully open up even more!


Stay up to date here, by email, or by text message (905 325 6413)

Please contact me if you would like to book a massage therapy treatment.

(I will not be taking new clients at this time (but my coworker Brad is!)

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